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Tech Support

The Path to Success

Our clients are our number one priority, and we go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied with our work. Have a specific project that requires professional attention? Our services are designed to tackle even the most complex projects. Contact us today to discover how we can help.

Managed Continuity

Affordable solution to IT issues

Getting your systems protected is easy. Simply contact our Managed Continuity team now and we will have your IT safe and secure in no time. 

You can either go for a complete solution consisting of all 3 services (Availability Monitoring, Recovery Management & Systems Risk Consulting), or take a step at a time. It’s ideally suited to small and medium sized businesses that don’t have either the in-house capability or deep pockets of larger organizations.

Managed Security

Welcome to Managed Security

Welcome to Managed Security. This service protects your data against internal and external breaches through a cost-effective, affordable solution. It helps keep you safe from: Virus attacks, Unauthorized access to systems, Attacks on your email, Data theft, Downtime


Monitoring & Management

Powerful RMM Platform

Designed to keep your PCs and laptops healthy so you can concentrate on growing your business. Common issues we help you solve include: Reducing downtime, Improving system performance, Updating your software, Overcoming lack of in-house IT resources, Keeping your PCs and laptops working, Installing updates and upgrades.

Managed Networks

Protects your critical IT systems

What might seem like a small IT problem can often lead to a major business headache. Managed Networks prevents this through four core services: Daily Safety Checks, Server & Network Monitoring, Daily Health Checks and Server & Network Management.

Managed Backup

Welcome to the Managed Backup

No more sleepless nights wondering if you backed up before you left the office, no more keeping fingers crossed that the worst case scenario won’t happen – with Managed Backup we really have got you covered.

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Online Learning.

Resources and Tips

Cloud Backup

Ready for the comfort of knowing that your data is securly backed up to your own personal encrypted cloud? Sign up now...

Remote Access

Access your home or work computers from anywhere. Affordable remote control for any size home or office.



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Hunter Computer, Inc.

Founded in 1989 in Raleigh, N.C. by Jeff D. Hunter. Mr. Hunter originally provided service to small companies in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill areas of North Carolina.

The company has grown to include product sales, managed services, system integration and support. Now over 20 years old, and with satisfied clients all over the Triangle, Hunter Computer, Inc. makes technology easy for home and business users alike.


(919) 270-0597

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